Short for Remote vehicle locator, Reveloc is a software solution for monitoring the location of remote vehicles from a central base station. Depending on the type of communications media being utilised, RevAdmin will receive unsolicited positions or allow vehicles to be polled individually or as part of a fleet group.

Main Features

  • Single PC or multiuser LAN / WAN based deployment

  • Supports Automated or On-Demand polling

  • Support for common vector and raster formats for use in the underlying base map (shp, tab, dgn, dxf, ecw, tif, jpg)

  • Flexible vehicle / fleet map association

  • Simple Job Dispatch

  • Short Data / Status Messaging capability (h/w dependent)

  • Vehicle Event monitoring

  • User defined geofencing for No-Go, Site, Yard or speed limited zones

  • Log to either SQL Server, SQL Express or Microsoft Access

  • Review and replay historical position data for one or more vehicles

  • Emergency Alert option with audible alarm and SMSing

  • Various reporting options based on the hardware being used (requires RevReporter software)

Reveloc Box Cover

Communications platforms currently supported include:

  • DAMM Tetraflex (Tetra)
  • Emcom URM board for Tait radios
  • Hytera DMR mobiles / portables
  • Icom BIIS mobiles / portables with GPS mic
  • Icom IDAS mobiles / portables with GPS mic
  • Nexion 1500 Data modems
  • Nexion 4100 Data modems
  • Nexion 4110 Data modems
  • Tait PMR (with Direct Connect GPS)
  • Tait TMR (with Direct Connect GPS)
  • TaitNet Data System (position only)
  • Remote Control Ltd's Status Automator (NextG & MAP27)
  • San Jose Navigation GPRS devices
  • Sepura Digital radios (Tetra)
  • Simoco SRM9000 radios
  • VLU30 Radio modems
  • WiPath WDN hardware