About Boyce Industries


Commencing business in the latter half of 1998, Boyce Industries was originally established to provide Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software development services to a small Brisbane based company that was funded by an international venture capitalist.  The company's focus was the design and manufacture of a generic solution for the remote tracking / vehicle assistance market. Whilst the initial trials were quite successful, funding for a mass market development became an issue and the directors decided not to proceed with the project. Instead, a restructuring occurred along with a name change and the focus was switched to another vertical market in the law enforcement arena.

Boyce Industries continued to work alongside the new company as well as very closely with several State Government departments, law enforcement bodies and a few other private companies to produce a number of standalone mapping / tracking products designed to run on the Microsoft Windows platform.

With this experience in hand, Boyce Industries now continues to strive to provide excellent quality, GPS based monitoring software to small, medium and large businesses alike.